Empowering You To Build A Healthier And Happier Life.

NatXtra is a health and wellness organization to help people to live a happy and healthier life naturally. We are fervid about natural health, and encourage people to acknowledge the eminence of healthfulness and invest in their well-being. Based on real-life experience and ample research into plant-based nutrients resulted in the foundation of NatXtra.

It all started with our Managing Director Dr. Viju Jacob and his intense aspiration to impart the significance of healthfulness among people. This inspiration led to the creation of nutraceutical brand NatXtra with 6 products in 2004. However, the concept does not flourish in India due to the lack of knowledge and awareness among the people on the health benefits of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements.

The onset of pandemic COVID 19 has globally made all of us more conscious of the need to build up immunity and be aware of the benefits of using nutraceuticals and dietary supplements. With the selfless guidance and insights of Dr. Sreekumar, Synthite is planning to leverage these sentiments and is going for a full-fledged relaunch of the brand NatXtra. Today, NatXtra relaunched a series of high-quality multivitamin products for both men and women in India.

We uphold the fact that health and wellness are the most important virtues of life. With the advancement of innovative technology and science, we are on our vision to embrace new ventures and opportunities in the health & wellness domain. Managing Director Dr. Viju Jacob believes, “We are on the cusp of a revolution — health and dynamic lifestyles of a young India, and we at Synthite believe we are on the right path to achieve the aspirations of a “Healthy India”