Ways to cut down on your sugar cravings

It is almost impossible to resist the urge behind eating an entire chocolate bar when you’re desperately craving it. While looking to satisfy these cravings can sound a lot easier when said than done, there are some effective tricks that you can use to fully outsmart your sweet tooth. If you aim to put an end to your sugar cravings by cutting back on all of that added sugar is definitely hard. It goes without a doubt that all these sweet foods go on to tempt us at every turn. But there is good news, with some very smart sugar strategies, you can significantly reduce your sugar cravings and take back your health.

The first and most important step at regaining your control over sugar is to understand why the actual cravings happen when it does and several factors that are at play.

But if you’ve discovered that munching sugary snacks is prompting you to make you crave more of them, then you are probably not alone. Eating lots of simple carbohydrates can quickly satisfy your hunger and provide your body with the necessary short-term energy boost. Before we strive towards curbing our sugar cravings, we will need to understand why we go on to crave sugar.

Experts say that there are many inherent reasons why we go after sweet things. It is a well-known fact that the basic appetite may be hardwired. Sugar is a carbohydrate releases endorphins that can directly calm and relieve us from stress, causing a state of natural "high". This preference gets mechanically reinforced when you look to reward yourself with sweets and sugary items, which also pushes you to crave it even more.

The actual problem doesn't arise when we indulge in any sugary treat once in a while, but when we overdo it. With sugar being added to many processed foods such as bread, yoghurt and more, you cannot help but push your sugar cravings to the max with its presence is in all your food intake.

If you can somehow manage to consume junk food without overindulging or you’re ruining your progress, then by all means do it. Here are some very useful and productive tips to keep your sugary indulgences out of sight and out of mind.

  1. Listen to your body

    The dictionary goes to define any form of craving as an intense, urgent, or severely abnormal desire or longing.” However, just because you’re enduring a craving or want something sweet doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to eat sugar in specific or even be forced to pop a sugar replacement out of impulse. All you need to do is to take a minute in order to fully understand what’s really happening within your body.

  2. Buy yourself some time

    Give yourself a sugar–break by buying yourself some time by drinking a glass of water, taking five long deep breaths, or just going for an impromptu walk. If you get truly hungry, it’s probably alright to reach for a snack. Just make sure it’s ideally a protein snack. Prepping your own at the very beginning of the week will definitely enable you to be far more proactive and also prevent any unnecessary trips to the sweet box.

  3. Balance your meals

    It can help to make sure that every meal you eat contains the right amount of protein, veggies, along several other healthy carbs and needed fats. This will also keep you so much fuller for a longer period.

  4. Identify your faves

    It is best to figure out what you tend to love and to eat it so that you feel at most satisfied and full at the very end of a meal.

  5. Spice things up

    We generally tend to get stuck to the regular eating pattern and into an eating rut, where sticking to the same ordinary meals on a daily basis can feel quite safe. But quite evidently, variety is the essence of life — and spice is a sure shot saviour when you’re on the quest to swap out sugar.

  6. Be adventurous

    It generally helps to be able to include variety and creativity in your regular eating habit. By getting curious in the kitchen, we can provide a fun and interesting way to improvise your eating habits. Explore a set of new recipes, eat some unique vegetables and fruits or use them as ingredients to create new dishes.

While you should take the initiative to definitely tell your friends and family about what you are trying to accomplish in terms of keeping the sugar-urge at bay, you may also need to go the extra mile and actively ask them for some encouragement as well as cooperation. Whether it's you trying to maintain your nutritional deficiency or about being able to dig deeper into more prominent health issues, it's always best to seek professional help and consult a professional. If what you are doing seems to be lacking then they will help to determine the issue that is at hand and can even be able to provide you with the needed assistance.

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