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We, at NatXtra, have always believed in bringing the eminence of wellness and healthfulness among people. This desire fuels our perpetual drive to innovate and promote the science of nutrition—putting a healthy, happy life within reach for all. It all started with our Managing Director Dr. Viju Jacob and his intense aspiration to impart the significance of healthfulness among people.

Ashwagandha - DSTR
ASHWAGANDHA-DSTR supports mental well-being. This anti stress formula with extract of Withania somnifera, Vitamin B and Active Magnesium works collectively to reduce anxiety during daily stressful situations.
Rs. 550.00
AMLA-CZ, a unique formulation that combines Indian Gooseberry extract enriched with immune modulating Vitamin C and Active Zinc to support the body’s defences, especially during vulnerable infectious outbreaks.
Rs. 545.00

From our customers


I have been using this product for a while. Very good product.
It actually helped me become more immune. Less chance to fall sick after taking this supplement

Akhil George

NatXtra CurQmeg-3, it is rich in Curcumin and Vitamin K2,
Useful for cardiac problems.
I would like to recommend this product.

Rohit saxena

I am person who takes supplements regularly and have a controlled. Came to know about that Curcumin helps in immunity. So I tried this brand and it's working!! It takes time for the pill to become effective. For me it took 2-3 weeks. So anyone who wants proper results..go for it. Highly recommend it.

Kavya R

I personally recommend this product to everyone. I usually consume many types of multivitamins but this one is no doubt the best choice for the gym lovers. It maximizes our strength also enhance your vitality as well. All the ingredients are safe not some kind of oral drug. Buy once you will surely get results.


Capsule are really superb as it is not possible to consume the ashvagandha powder as suppliment it makes us easy to have ashvagandha on daily bases.it is essential for optimal nerve transmission, it will helps to perform brain function normally.value for money. must buy.


Original product as written in description.

Sanjay Singh

AMAZING PRODUCT!! WORTH TAKING IT. I have been using this product for a while.Very good product.It actually helped me become more immune. Less
chance to fall sick after taking this supplement

Akhil George

Natxtra is a quality assured product. No side effects. Good for
health. No compromise in the quality. Best for sugar patients.

Silvin Benny

Nice product.Recommended by my friends. I am a foddie and craves for
sugar so much. This actually helped me to control that craving. I take
one pill before food..nd it works.

Celestine Timmy

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