Gymne Mag D for Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Gymne Mag D for Controlling Blood Sugar Level

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Gluten Free

GMO Free

A natural way to keep blood sugar under control

Manage Diabetes and control fluctuating sugar levels naturally with Gymne-Mag D, enriched with the goodness of Gymnema extract.

Product Details

Each bottle contains 60 capsules 

How to use

Dosage: One capsule a day
Best time to consume: After breakfast


Each capsule of Gymne-Mag D is enriched with the goodness of all-natural Gymnema extract, Elemental magnesium and vegan vitamin D3

Product Details


How to use




What does the product do?

Lowers blood sugar level

Gymne-Mag D is a stimulator that aids in the production of insulin in your pancreas. This helps in the regeneration of insulin-producing islet cells that helps to lower your blood sugar levels.

Controls sugar cravings

When Gymnema comes in contact with the tongue, it binds itself to sugar receptors in the taste buds, which reduces the taste of sweetness. This helps reduce the desire and consumption of sweet foods.

Healthy glucose metabolism

The gymnemic acid present in Gymnema helps prevent the absorption of excess glucose in the small intestine, thereby helping to balance the amount of glucose in your bloodstream.

Who is it for ?

This is perfect for you if

You are affected by Diabetes

You are suffering from high blood sugar

You need to increase Insulin production

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Diabetic to take this or can it be taken as a preventive measure?

Does Gymnemag-D cure Diabetes?

Can I take this with my other daily medication?

Do I need a prescription?

How does Gymnemag-D work?

Does Gymnemag-D help manage both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes?

Is Gymnemag-D safe for daily consumption?

Are there any side effects?

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Venugopal Sadanandam

Gymne Mag D for Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Ahssanuddin Haseeb
I get rid with my blood sugar permanently

After taking three months regularly twice a day, my 20 years old diabetes has gone. Now, am spending normal life. Eating sugary items and getting enhanced my body resistance. My neuropathy has reduced drastically and am feeling quite energetic. I already recommended this to all diabetic patients in my family, office and social network.


Gymne Mag D for Controlling Blood Sugar Level

Javid alam Tanki

As i am very much satisfied by your product Gmne Mag D really amazing product Thanks a lot

Jayant Pant

Gymne Mag D for Controlling Blood Sugar Level