Amla CZ for Boosting Immunity

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Amla CZ for Boosting Immunity

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Key Benefits: 

  • Improves Immunity
  • Prevents viral & bacterial infections
  • Prevents constipation and aids in a good and healthy digestion
  • Aids weight management
  • Improves eyesight
  • Pain Killer

Enhance your body’s immunity power with the most powerful Indian superfruit Amla (Gooseberry).

1. Improves Immunity:

Amla is an immunity booster that contains vitamins 8 times more than that of an orange and 10 times more than a pomegranate. The combination of Amla, Vitamin C and Zinc makes NatXtra Amla-CZ your perfect natural immunity booster.

2. Prevents viral & bacterial infections:

Amla becomes a security layer that helps your body to fight off bacterial and viral infections. It is commonly used for respiratory illness that includes bronchitis, cough, common cold etc.

3. Prevents constipation:

Healthy digestion helps your body to flush out toxins and makes your body stay healthy. The rich fibre content in Amla aids for good and healthy digestion when incorporated into your lifestyle. Adding to the benefits its alkaline nature also helps to prevent ulcers.

4. Aids weight management:

Since Amla is a digestion helper, NatXtra Amla-CZ aids in healthy weight management as the rich fibre content of Amla enhances metabolism along with helping to absorb needed nutrients.

5. Improves eyesight:

Amla is a superfruit for many reasons, not only is it rich in fibre and vitamin C but it also has abundant carotene content in it as well. This will help to prevent cataracts and intraocular tension, along with improving overall eye health and preventing itching and watering eyes.

6. Pain Killer:

A natural pain killer, the anti-inflammatory properties of Amla filled in NatXtra Amla-CZ helps to relieve the pain of arthritis, joint aches etc when used regularly.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Sanchita D.
Good Effective Product

After Covid outbreak me and my family are following a routine to be healthy. The product is good and can be used to support immune health. I am using one capsule which is easy to swallow and has no foul smell like others. Natxtra Amla-cz is formulated with Indian Amla fruit extract, Vitamin C and Zinc.* Helps to strengthen our immune call* Plays the role of an antioxidant and protects* Stimulates the productions of antibodies that fights against viral infection* Ensure wellness

Sanjay singh

 Original product as writter in discription

Ranjith Sasikumar
good product..!!!

Best product. good for stress relief and immunity.I have been using this product for a while and its giving good results.


Bought this product to lower my cholesterol. Using 1 t-spoon a day, cholesterol went from 180 to 160. I am looking to get to 150 or lower. Hoping continued use of Amla powder will do thi.

Hyder sha
Best product

The quality of Amla powder too is very good. People who have eaten the Amla fruit will know it in an instant.

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