Sure yet simple tips to prevent blood sugar spikes

High blood sugar, which is also referred to as hyperglycemia, is widely associated with diabetes and prediabetes. In most cases, your body will be able to manage your blood sugar level with the production of insulin. But as such, insulin will always be the most important regulator of blood sugar levels. Multiple factors can fully impair the blood sugar management within your body and lead to the case of hyperglycemia. Some of the internal causes for soaring blood sugar levels include the scenario where your liver tends to produce too much glucose, while your body goes on to make very too little insulin. Apart from this, the external factors that can impact or affect your sugar levels include your inherent dietary choices, the intake of certain medications, your regular sedentary lifestyle, and the stress levels.


It is very necessary to properly manage and maintain your blood sugar levels which is especially important for those who are dealing with diabetes. This is crucial because those who are demonstrating chronically high blood sugar levels can often lead themselves towards limb and life-threatening complications.

Here are some highly effective and evidence-backed ways to naturally lower your blood sugar levels.

    1. Exercise regularly

      A regular exercise routine can surely help you reach the expected weight as well as help at increasing insulin sensitivity within the body. With increased insulin sensitivity, it goes on to ensure that your cells can be more effective while using the available sugar in your bloodstream.

      Exercise is also proven to greatly help your muscles at using up the blood sugar produced within the body for adequate energy and appropriate muscle contraction.

    2. Manage your carb intake

      It is widely known that your carb intake can strongly influence and determine your underlying blood sugar levels.

      When you start to eat too many carbs or begin to face an insulin-function problem, the blood glucose levels within your body tend to rise. That is why as per studies eating a low carb diet can effectively reduce the blood sugar levels while controlling the blood sugar spikes.

    3. Eat more fiber

      Fiber usually slows down the carb digestion and allows for easy sugar absorption, which also gives you a steady but gradual rise in the blood sugar levels. In general there are two types of fiber namely the insoluble and the soluble fiber. While both these fibers have a significant part in maintaining the bodily sugars, soluble fibers have been able to explicitly help at blood sugar management. A high fiber diet can greatly improve your body’s overall ability to maintain and regulate the blood sugar while minimizing the blood sugar lows.

    4. Drink water and stay hydrated

      Drinking enough water can tremendously help at stabilizing the blood sugar levels within healthy ranges. Not only by preventing dehydration, it also helps your kidneys to easily flush out any excess sugar out in the form of urine. It is necessary to keep in mind that water along with other zero-calorie drinks are ideally acceptable. Sidestep any form of sugar-sweetened options that there can be as it can raise the bodily blood glucose levels, heighten weight gain, and also raise the risk towards diabetes.

    5. Opt for foods with a low glycemic index

      The glycemic index tends to measure just how quickly these carbs can help to break down the food during the digestion process and how it can effectively be absorbed in the body. This can easily impact the staggering rate at which the blood sugars will rise. It is proven that both the amount as well as the type of carbs that you intake can ideally determine the effect of the food you ingest to high or lower your blood sugar levels. With that in specific, eating low GI foods can help to greatly reduce the blood sugar levels for the people dealing with diabetes.

    6. Try to manage your stress levels

      It is known by default that stress can majorly affect your blood sugar levels. When you are stressed or overly anxious, your body can begin to secrete some specific hormones called glucagon and cortisol, which can look to cause a steady rise in blood sugar levels. Exercises and relaxation however are recommended methods to help at stress reduction and can specifically correct insulin secretion problems for those dealing with chronic diabetes

    7. Monitor your blood sugar levels

      By monitoring your blood glucose levels you can be sure of how to effectively manage them. Go ahead and use a glucometer to keep tabs on your sugar levels. You can also have an elaborate discussion regarding this option with your doctor for more details. Also, by keeping track, you will be able to determine whether you will only have to adjust your meals or look towards pursuing any medications. It can also allow you to learn how your body tends to react to certain foods.

    8. Get enough quality sleep

      Poor sleeping habits can immensely affect your blood sugar levels along with insulin sensitivity which is primarily the reason for increasing the risk of ever developing the symptoms towards type 2 diabetes. Not just that, by being sleep deprived we will see the rise in levels of our hormone cortisol which is a significant contributor towards blood sugar management

    9. Eat healthy snacks more frequently

      By proportionately spreading your meals through the course of the day we will be able to handle both the high and low blood sugar levels that can occur. Snacking between meals is greatly said to lower your risk of type 2 diabetes. Reliable studies have indicated that by having smaller and more frequent meals throughout the day we will be able to lower the blood sugar levels.

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