About NatXtra

Our promise & excellence:

“By partnering with our clients worldwide we aim towards being consistent at delivering the right ingredients that make healthier and authentic food.”

At Natxtra, we believe in creating health and wellness supplements that are primarily sourced from the best natural ingredients. We aim to understand this truth better than most people and apply this knowledge to create a wide variety of effective health solutions through reliable and sustainable techniques. With the right blend of technology, innovative efforts and sustainable partnerships we were able to forge our way as the world's leading producer of value-added spices with a competitive edge in the market.

The sources of our core foundation are:

Sustainability | Innovation | Nutritional Support | Diversity | Inclusion


We are in the quest to make quality irreplaceable with our wellness supplements which are naturally sourced. That is why we are replacing synthetic additives, colours and flavourings with healthier alternatives. 


Our health supplements provide solutions that are ready to tackle the problem innovatively by addressing the core concern. By achieving the highest level of scientific excellence we have been able to commit to our promise and build value out of an authentic and conceptually unique list of supplements.

Nutritional Support :

We owe it to our customers and our people who give their best towards mutual growth and benefits within the environment in which we exist. By upholding all our key values and the core foundations of our vision and mission, we pledge in giving back consistently and diligently. 

Teamwork and trust:

As we expand the realms of our organization and as global producers of the best health supplements, we look towards the hands that have sown towards our growth along with all the successful partnerships that have been nurtured through the years. We are indeed a diverse team which is all inclusive and women-progressive, making it the essence of our work culture.

The Natxtra significance:

50 Years of Excellence
80 countries covered
2000 expert team members